Tuesday, August 23, 2005

OnLine Science for Older Kids

As Kara noted, homeschoolers need to be frugal with their money. Quality counts. This site was pointed out as a great biology/chemistry resource and yes, it is FREE to homeschoolers. Very appealing and a nice place to head for more advanced sciences.

Our family has used this Journey North/now South site over the years and it seems to fit into many educational disciplines; science, reading, writing, geography..... It follows the migration of various critters throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Lots of fun to check out your little place on the map.

We've never used a science curriculum in our family. I've not been able to wrap my brain around one. But we have experimented and investigated and poked and observed all the sightings and sounds and smells (in the case of the dead deer and skunk) and done ok in the traditional sense of science 'schooling' and testing when it was needed. It worked for us anyway, and that's the whole idea about home education.

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