Monday, August 22, 2005

It's that time of year again...

One of our goals for this blog was to have features on politicians to help us in the voting process. As we near the next legislative session, it's time to get started. So, if you know of a politician we should feature or you are a politician and would like to be featured please send us an email or drop us a comment in the comment box. We're interested in both sides. The only way we can be informed come election time is to do our homework. I hope to start sending out letters to politicians next week. I'm thinking about starting with the state level and working from there. I also need to come up with a format. Here are my thoughts and if you have any ideas, just send them to us.
First of all, I think it would be more informative if I was to present questions to be answered. Otherwise, I could end up posting campaign literature on our blog. I think we want something aimed specifically at our concerns. Of course, this is a lot more work for the bloggers. That means that I have to come up with intelligent questions. Then there's the issue of research. It's one thing to ask someone questions and get answers, it's another thing to post the voting record next to the office holder's answers. I'm starting to form some questions and I'll post them to see what people think.

Homeschool Legislation Watch
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