Tuesday, August 16, 2005

No one's Watching??

Parents are and that really does account for something despite the constant harangue for state oversight of everything and everyone.

Kids learn at home, but no one's watching
With homeschooling on the rise in Michigan, critics want tougher laws and more monitoring

Kara posted a Sunday MI article about homeschooling. I thought the headline above was interesting. Especially because the Detroit News had published their recent Parenting 101 Annoying article.
I'd say the Detroit News has some issues with homeschoolers. So does Mr. Plank.

"I believe that 95 percent of homeschoolers are probably better off at home than in a school," said David Plank, co-director of the Education Policy Center at Michigan State University. "But the state's concern should be about the
other 5 percent. We have no information about what kind of education they are receiving from their parents. Not finding out is a failing on the part of the state of Michigan."

Now this Senator quoted below makes sense and it's a good thing for Michigan homeschoolers that he's in the position that he is in. Wish Illinois had such good fortune now:
State Sen. Wayne Kuipers, R-Holland, chair of the Senate Education Committee, said he is a supporter of homeschool education and opposes legislation that would require mandatory registration. He said he is satisfied that homeschooling is producing good results, although he conceded there is no way of knowing what percentage of homeschooled students participated in the tests that have produced favorable scores.

"There are a lot of kids in schools right now who are falling through the cracks. You are going to have that," Kuipers said. "If a problem exists with a homeschool situation, there are rules in place that allow a school district and prosecutor, acting on information from, say, a family member or neighbor, to go after a violation."

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