Thursday, August 18, 2005

IL Education Reform "Gift"

Peoria Journal Star had an interesting recap of the Director of Education Reform speech to Macomb teachers.
"The governor's "central initiative," Regenstein said, is to increase funding for preschool programming, a proposal that has received little or no resistance.

We think preschool is the gift we give to the future of Illinois," Regenstein said.
Guess it's time they found some resistance. There's been some significant ($90 million, if I remember correctly in the last 3 years) creeping in, despite our ugly budget woes.

Remember Kwame Raoul's quote from this spring regarding the lowering of compulsory attendance age here?
Earlier this month, Senate sponsor Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago) told the Senate Education Committee that he had been inundated with calls opposing his legislation, but said the bill wasn’t exactly what he preferred.

“I wish this bill lowered the compulsory attendance age down to 3,” the freshman senator who replaced newly elected U.S. Senator Barack Obama said.
He'll (lowering compulsory attendance age) be back.

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