Sunday, August 14, 2005

Some "Give and Take" in WS

From our neighbors to the north in Baraboo, Wisconsin;
I found this comment interesting
The proposal will benefit all Baraboo children and families by raising student enrollment and state aid, he said.
Benefit all Baraboo children=raising student enrollment and state aid. You never know. Sometimes they do put some of that money into educating the kids rather than hiring more administration to 'develop programs' and oversee all the new kids. But at least he stated the goal clearly; raise enrollment and state aid.

Working with the district, parents and students could attend specific classes on a space-available basis, he said.
"We have a history of 30 years in this state of telling home schooling families, 'take what we got or lump it,'" Alwin said. "I don't think that's morally right."

The IL set up is similiar to what he described above:

(105 ILCS 5/10‑20.24) (from Ch. 122, par. 10‑20.24)
Sec. 10‑20.24. Part‑time Attendance. To accept in part‑time attendance in the regular education program of the district pupils enrolled in nonpublic schools if there is sufficient space in the public school desired to be attended. Request for attendance in
the following school year must be submitted by the nonpublic school principal to the public school before May 1.

Some public school administrators tell the homeschoolers to "lump it". OR they tell families that they have to be in the school long enough for the district to collect from the state for clock hours attended by the student. Not so. Reading further along in this Wisconsin article, I see the real catch:

The effort will require some give and take, said Alwin. Home schooling parents would have to work with a district coordinator to determine which educational resources they would use and when space is available.
Also, students would have to be evaluated to ensure they have the background that will allow them to be successful in a class they want to take, he said.
Too bad they couldn't trust the parent's savvy about their kids to know whether they should be in the class or not. The ole non-certified spin off.

"It's a positive step," said Bill Froelich, a teacher and president of the Baraboo Education Association teachers union. "I think the schools' responsibility is to educate all the children in Baraboo."
No secret message there. The NEA of Baraboo believes all children should be in public school no matter what.

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