Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ohio Mental Health Homeschooling Survey

Mary Nix has put out another great Support Group Newsletter for August.

Homeschoolers should note the Issues to Watch about a mental health survey suggested by an Ohio psychiatrist for homeschoolers. This mental health issue is pervasive. Mary made some excellent points about what folks should consider before participating in surveys of any type, let alone a mental health survey.

I can't imagine why parents would want to disclose information such as that about their children, but for this exception. And that is if parents independently see a problem and seek help for their child. Of course, there would be a need to provide background information to get that help. Finding 'problems' via 'expert' opinion goes against my homeschooling frame of mind.

But if a psychiatrist (or other interests) seeks the information about your child, there should be a big red flag.

Homeschool Legislation Watch
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