Monday, August 22, 2005

At the risk of offending some readers...

I like to participate over at Spunky's. There is usually an interesting discussion going on and she has a lot of information. This caught my eye and I made a comment. I followed the links and read about the NEA's campaign against Wal-Mart. Although I like Wal-Mart, for me this all about the NEA. When the NEA becomes involved in where people shop, I have to wonder about their agenda. I read this article, Why Target Wal-Mart? and have looked at some other things. I looked at the NEA website, and understand that the NEA really doesn't want vouchers and educational choice. Anyone who has power and doesn't appreciate educational choice concerns me. I feel like the NEA needs a little balance, okay, a lot of balance. I've read The Worm in the Apple by Peter Brimelow and highly recommend the book to help the regular person understand the workings of the NEA and how they have impacted public education. So, I was pleased to see Agent Tim develop the Wake up the NEA blog. I think it brings about some blogging balance. Let me repeat for the anti-Wal-Mart crowd, for me this isn't so much about Wal-Mart, it's about the NEA spending time on politics and power and appealing to a certain political idealogy when their concern should be about helping their members to educate our children. We want a country of literate citizens. Should the NEA completely fix the education system in the U.S. and every child is able to read at grade level and know everything they should know then, maybe they could branch out. I would still question the ethics of it, but hey, if they meet all their goals, why not? As Bill O'Reilly would ask, "Are they (NEA looking out for the folks?" No, I don't think they're looking out for the children either.

Note: I think the NEA should help fix the schools because I think they have a choke hold on the problem and are not allowing good work to be done. Once again, I highly recommend the book the Worm in the Apple.

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