Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Needs and Wants and Musts

Words That Enslave

This Finance Professor,Michael S. Rozeff, clearly states a lot of my thoughts as a homeschooler, taxpayer and citizen.

Couple of excerpts:

How do we meet demands? In the ordinary, old-fashioned ways. Work, planning,saving, help, aid, cooperation, churches, religious organizations, charities,inheritance, gifts, family, insurance, neighborliness, etc. But not by the misapplied force of the State.
What is right and works for you and me as individuals is not the same thing as when rulers speak for us. We as individuals freely decide on principles and actions. They as rulers choose the principles and then make us do things we do not want to do. However, they make it sound as if we, not they, have made the decision and acted upon it.

In my little town, we try to practice what we preach. Clothing supplied for free by generous and willing donations of the community. If there is a need stated, then the need is fulfilled by neighbors. That's it. Clothes rarely come in that should have hit the garbage can because then your neighbors who sort it would know. Unlike the notorious good will dumpsters, there is a small waste can that is used for throw aways. There is an amazing abundance of gently used children's and adult clothes for folks. A couple of families might take advantage, but they see their neighbors every time they come in.

We are used to hearing these many promises. They no longer shock and dismay.Many of us ignore them. Their meaning is lost to us after awhile. Yet we are living through an era of incredible disruption and twisting of normal patterns of life that date back thousands of years. In a number of years from 1934 onwards my mother chose her hospital, booked her own time and date of treatment and didn’t have to wait 18 months, 18 weeks or even 18 days. Doctors came to our living place in the 1940's to treat us. Hospital bills were moderate. Mary bore Jesus without Medicare and cared for Him herself. If today’s parents cannot take care of a child or find a babysitter, traditional activities of the human race, then the once-commonplace has become the exception. The causes of this turmoil in everyday life trace back to the State’s multiple interferences.

I was listening to Paul Harvey on one of our car trips who spoke of the 5th Amendment abuse via a Supreme Court decision a couple of months ago. He said the same about the meaning and the outrage being lost after awhile because there's always another abuse or outrage coming right behind.
Anyways, that's one reason why we homeschool is to get out of the noose as much as possible.

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