Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Almost Entirely Guesswork in Indiana

And That's Not a Bad Thing

Looks like this was a report about education writers attending an Indy seminar. Guess they felt the need to talk about homeschoolers. Wish for the old days sometimes when reporters didn't find homeschoolers so 'interesting'. From the article:

If the state doesn’t know how many home-schooled students there are, how does it know how they are doing?
It's ok. The parents know.
If they aren’t giving their children a sound education, the state will eventually be saddled with a student incapable of functioning as a responsible citizen.
How many ex public school students is the "state saddled with" compared to homeschoolers percentage wise, I wonder? Some who the public school system failed to educate who became dropouts?
As the number of home-schoolers continues to increase, the demand for accountability grows. Indiana should look to states with stricter regulations for models. New York and Pennsylvania, for example, require annual notice to local superintendents. They specify subject areas for instruction and require annual assessments.
Nah, doesn't have a great success rate in the public schools. I don't think NY or PA homeschoolers would wish that on IN homeschoolers, that's for sure.
Greater accountability would allow the state to separate parents who are serious about education from those who are looking for a loophole.
Wheat from the chaff and all that? I wouldn't want to be their considered 'chaff' returned to the public school. A nightmare!

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