Thursday, November 03, 2005

Universal Preschool or The Cradle Robbing Trend

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Home Education Magazine's November/December issue has a feature about Universal Preschool written by Diane Flynn Keith.

The Chicago Sun Times had a ditty on the need for Universal Preschool because of the lack of school readiness for some kids. Here's a hint about the Sun Times bias. Their title is 2 years of preschool seen as key along with describing the angst of the classroom teachers regarding the The readiness gap.
I have yet to see an anti-universal preschool letter up in the SunTimes letter section. I know Diane sent one and I know I sent one. Diane has some credentials under her belt, so you'd think.....They did find room for a paid pro-UP proponent along with the usual 'parents cause the problems' letter. (It occurred to me that the school system failed the parents the writer was speaking about, but yet the parent should have confidence in the same system? In the hard copy that letter was featured with the 'good' kindergarten class picture above it.)

So, Illinois Action for Children's president is excited because Illinois Action for Children, on behalf of the Chicago Early Learning and Literacy Council, secured a first-ever Early Learning Opportunities Act federal grant for Illinois. And she of course laid out the usual next step is to ensure that our elected officials will continue to invest in our children. Now it's time to fully engage leaders in doing what is right for children: making high-quality early education available to all 3- and 4-year-olds.
Lady, this will shock you, but little ones fresh out of a diaper or not, can be highly educated and FREE at home. I like this reminder from an Oklahoma watchdog group.

There is also has an article in the Link. HEM has great resources and information about unpreschooling along with some writings about this Universal Preschool issue directly under Diane's article. Lots of good reading, but check it out because it is NOT going away.

See the sidebar to the right to see the money flow push for UP in Illinois.

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