Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Beautiful Thing

That Rosa Parks did for us all many decades ago.

This was a great column about what the Gaede twins are missing out on with their learned rascist ways.
I caught an interview with the twins on television the other night. They were dancing a kind of jig around a swastika on the floor. One of them, when asked about her devotion to Hitler even though he had murdered 6 million Jews, responded that she didn't believe it had ever happened. She didn't think there ever were 6 million Jews. Then she smiled.

I have had a dull headache ever since watching them. I have been wondering what could be done to save these girls.
History revisionism is a sad way to go. Apparently if you want to hate, you're going to hate. Maybe they'll be enlightened when they grow up.
The other morning I decided to explore online and see if I could find anything else out about their mother and her beliefs. The mother has a Web site. On it she gives advice to other parents who would like to home school their children. She recommends using textbooks published in the 1950s or earlier.
I don't think that website has seen much homeschooling traffic. Hate is hate whether you homeschool or not.
I like old books too. But not for the same reason they do. I like primary sources such as the Federalist Papers or the Constitution or what Abraham Lincoln really had to say. Or the story of Rosa Parks as given by her and her comrades and other folks fighting for equality.
They did splits on the floor. Soon faces were transformed. Smiles were wide. And at the next stop the young men gathered their things, thanked all who tossed a few bills their way and got off. We were still clapping as the train moved on. I wondered if the Gaede twins had ever had such an experience. Had ever seen such a beautiful thing.

I had to think not.

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