Friday, October 28, 2005

Strange War

And some definite ego involved, but it's fun to watch the perspectives fly by.

The unholy matrimony of the HSLDA and US Army has been dissolved, at least on the GoArmy website.

It took this here blog to publish a huge rant about the spiritual armies of the HSLDA and for a writer of Home Education Magazine to drop a note to the appropriate US Army department for them to at least take down the HSLDA ad that was on their website. This is what it looked like
She wrote up something a couple of days ago that was offensive enough to me that I didn't bother blogging it. But people should take a gander. She definitely has HSLDA on her radar. (It's on the 26th and I see she changed the obnoxious title and I don't know how to hit that particular post, so good luck.)

Homeschool Legislation Watch
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