Friday, October 28, 2005

A Homeschooling Knitter

Had to blog this.
Her story's already quite a yarn
At only 13, Phoenix Bess is a triple threat coming from Mathews County, where she lives with her parents and two brothers.

She dances with the American Youth Ballet Company in Williamsburg, is an extra in the soon-to-be-released movie "The New World" and has her own line of specialty knitwear.

Phoenix calls the line "Knitty Girl." Items can be viewed and purchased on her Web site - - and will soon be available in several upscale local boutiques.

With all this going for her, she's still a tad shy and defers to her mother, Beth Bess, to handle some trickier questions. Phoenix allows a chuckle when asked whether her mother is really also her partner, as she's described in a news release written by Beth Bess.

"Oh, yes," Phoenix says. "We work together on the designs."

But the teen offers that she taught her mother how to knit, after learning the craft from another Mathews resident known for her handicrafts, Rosalie Brown.
I've learned a few skills from my kids too.
Very cool story from a homeschooling family apparently living life to the fullest.

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