Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Across The Fence With an Article Worth Reading

Rhonda Robinson has written for the Illinois Leader and has the Across the Fence/Against the Tide column in The Link. (I just got my first hard copy of The Link. No kidding, it's free!)
She is a great researcher and I always glean some more information from her articles. Check out her newest article on No Mercury, No Autism, No More Lies.

The power of the pharmaceuticals (Eli Lilly comes to mind in particular) and their influence on FDA is alarming. Here's what was noted in Across The Fence regarding this:
The lack of concern for public health and safety within the pharmaceutical companies, and the conflicts of interest and political corruption within the FDA, has become evident over the last year with the deadly side effects of arthritis medicine and antidepressants. The pharmaceutical industry was slow to respond, they admitted the deadly effects only when forced out into the public eye with multiple lawsuits.

How much more resistant to public scrutiny are they when it comes to immunizations? There, they not only have a captive clientele they want to preserve, but they have the cover and security of a government-sanctioned mandate, with the power and tax dollars to back it.

It should no longer come as a surprise to us that drug companies do not have our best interest at heart. They are a business, not a humanitarian effort, which must consider cost and profit. Fatalities and injuries are just part of the cost of doing business within the pharmaceutical industry. Payouts for vaccine damages reached $1,189,700,000 in 2000.
We vaccinated our kids. With no known problems from it except for the aches for the day afterwards. We did not do the chicken pox vaccine despite our pede's recommendation for it. He wasn't too keen on the homeschooling issue either, but oh, well. Our choice and our family decision just as it is for every individual family. You weigh the options and decide what you're comfortable with for your children's well being.

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