Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Andrea from AtypicalLife is Featured

In Home Education Magazine regarding blogging.

I was getting a little concerned wondering if someone had run off with my HEM for Nov/Dec before it hit my mailbox when I finally looked under the right stack yesterday. (I did some quick cleaning the other day for company and hid my paper piles even from myself.)

It was a great article and hopefully will inspire more homeschoolers to blog. I think Andrea's point below is true. I'm grateful for any new insights and perspectives about homeschooling hitting the rest of the world along with supporting our homeschooling world.
But most of all, blogging has done wonders for the homeschooling community. The longer you blog, the more you find yourself seeking out other bloggers, leaving comments at their blogs. People visit your blog and leave comments, with a link to their own blog, and the circle widens. Many bloggers have found out about methods and curricula they never knew existed. The power of a wide circle of bloggers has also known no bounds. When one of my favorite bloggers, spunkyhomeschool.blogspot.com, idly mentioned having a homeschool blogger convention featuring blog posts on homeschooling, the idea quickly grew. In the end, Spunky highlighted over blog 50 entries and authors back in April, 2005, and the entry still gets read.

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