Thursday, October 27, 2005

Teens Have a Voice

Very cool! This is in Ft. Worth, but worth noting to me because of the voice these teens officially have with the officials. Looks like they're treated like people there instead of annoying pests.
FORT WORTH - Anthony Butorac had a long list of things to do Saturday,including helping with a YMCA fund-raiser and lending a hand to Habitat for Humanity.
Even so, the 17-year-old plans to skip those events to attend this
weekend's annual Youth Town Hall meeting at City Hall.
And he hopes other people his age will join him.
"We want to make sure youths have a window to express their opinions," said Butorac, a home-schooled senior. "You get to propose your ideas in front of people who can make a difference -- the City Council.
My teens have told me so many times how badly they are treated in stores by clerks. You'd think that all shops would have an official policy about catering in the best possible way to teenagers and the fact that they just might spend every last cent they have in those stores. Sizable market, I would say. (Said teens also mentioned recently that they're broke.)

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