Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Save Trees, Regional Offices of Education

So parents could be reading along checking out different sources as they consider homeschooling. Good Plan. If parents read enough, they'd know that the ROE could get involved with checking out a family's homeschooling plan if there was cause. So you check out the ROE for your area and below is what you'd find in The Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of Education.
Ya know, public school folks can cut themselves a break as they really don't have to fuss around with that paperwork for homeschoolers. They really should take out the ditty about registering home school programs. Homeschool registration forms can just hit the trash can (recycling, of course) and save everyone the wood, hassle and who knows what else.

Regional Office of Education
The Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of
Education acts as an advocate for education by providing leadership, performing regulatory functions as directed by the Illinois School Code and Illinois State Board of Education, coordinating and delivering state and local services and disseminating information to educators, school districts and the community.

Great, ya think, they say they are performing regulatory functions as directed by the IL School Code. Reading on:

The Regional Office is responsible for registering teacher certificates, providing school bus driver classes, administering GED tests and issuing GED certificates, monitoring school bus districts for compliance with Life/Safety Code, providing environmental workshops and field trips to the Regional Environmental Center and registering home school programs.

Well, whoops, there is NO statute that states home school programs (or just everyday homeschooling families) have to be registered. No Illinois School Code says any such thing. But they do make it sound like you do.

The Dupage ROE has the same problem with their information form that's sent on to ISBE's Data Analysis & Progress Reporting Department.

Remember that the next time you hear a public school bureaucrat complaining about The Paperwork they have to deal with when 'they just want to concentrate on education'. Busy bodies, they are.

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