Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Funny Thing about [Public School] Educators and the Law

Just browsing around the homeschool news and ran into this Indianapolis article about dropouts. This particular lady got my attention.

Mary Duncan
Some obstacle always stands in the way of Mary Duncan completing high school.

As a teenager, she moved from Tacoma, Wash., to Indianapolis to Gaston, Ala. -- all within three weeks. When Duncan moved back to Indianapolis to attend Warren Central High School, she was told she had to wait a semester to enroll.

She dropped out, at age 17, instead. Duncan enrolled in Job Corps to earn her GED, but quit to return to Tacoma to take care of an ailing grandfather. An attempt to home school at her future father-in-law's Bible college ended when she became pregnant.

I think I'm correct that IN's compulsory attendance age goes up to 17 years of age. So how is it that she wasn't eligible for a free public school education even when it's not conveniently at the beginning of a semester. Result: she dropped out. Nice job, Warren Central High School.

The same sort of thing happened here in IL with a 14 year old boy who was told he "couldn't enroll in the middle of the year". Worked out well for him though. He and his mother got some information about homeschooling and he went on to community college. He was graduating with his associate's the last time I saw him at 17 years of age.

And the same sort of thing happened with a 15 year old boy here in IL. His situation didn't turn out well. One would think this happens quite a bit. And the last I heard, it's illegal.

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