Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Eragon's Homeschooled Author in Naperville Tonight

Christopher Paolini gives fantasy fans a second summer treat
From the Chicago Trib:

When you aren't writing, how do you spend your time?

I love art--drawing and painting. I don't get to do that enough. I listen to college courses on tape--science and history. I like working with my hands. I make my own knives, swords and chain mail.

It sounds as if you could make some pretty great Halloween costumes.

The best costume I ever had was when I was on my self-publishing tour for "Eragon." It was a medieval costume. But I don't have fond memories of that costume. I'll just say that it's hard to go in front of 500 high schoolers dressed like that.
I'll bet!
You were home schooled. What were your best subjects? Were you graded?

My mom never graded me. If it was a test, she would tell me what I did wrong. When I was in high school, my sister and I were enrolled in a distance school called the American School. I got graded there. I was best at history, writing and literature, and geometry--but not algebra. I hated art in school--and writing. I would hate having to write to meet a deadline and on a specific subject. I prefer to be self-directed.
Pretty interesting that he hated writing until he could 'self-direct'. Definitely a pattern that some unschoolers have detected via the John Holt philosophy.
Christopher Paolini will appear Sept. 6 at Naperville Central High School, 440 Aurora Ave. For information, call 630-355-2665.
More on Christopher Paolini and his new book Eldest here.

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