Sunday, September 11, 2005

Self-Education History

Lost Crown Jewel of Learning

Who is this youngster?He started school at age seven and returned home in tears after three months. His teacher had called him “addled.” His mother took over, reading with him.
Guess who? I've often wondered how many kids are called addled now and get the ingenuity legally drugged right out of them.
Who is this lady? of the most literate Americans of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, wife of the second president of the United States and mother of the sixth, she never attended school. She was tutored by her maternal grandmother and encouraged to read. Her letter correspondence with her husband...stands out as unambiguous testimony to the power and development of intellect that can be achieved simply by desiring to do so.
This lady turned out to be a famous writer. (Love letters, in a sense.)
The study of history is a wonderful thing.

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