Friday, September 16, 2005


HONDA (Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act) is back as HR 3753. Plug in the bill number here. It was introduced on September 13, 2005 by Carol Musgrave, Colorado, with 59 cosponsors. 3 from Illinois so far: Hyde, LaHood, and Shimkus.
This is an omnibus bill. There have been new additions such as the SEC. 10. RECRUITMENT AND ENLISTMENT OF HOME -SCHOOLED STUDENTS IN THE ARMED FORCES.

There are many homeschooling groups and many homeschoolers who are opposed to this bill that was presented to federal legislators once again without any warning. In Illinois, the group pushing this bill has very little representation, but yet they have once again introduced legislation (federal, this time) that will differentiate homeschooling from private schools per our Illinois state statutes. This could easily undermine our homeschooling freedoms here just as almost occurred with the shell bill fiasco several years ago here.

Here's a link to contact your representatives . Scott Somerville estimated 5% of Illinois homeschoolers belong to HSLDA. One has to wonder if the special interests of and the law practice of HSLDA would flourish because of this law? Maybe this is a clue to the apparent motives here under the section noted before:
`(5) The graduate has provided the Secretary concerned with a third-party
verification letter of the graduate's home -school status by the Home School
Legal Defense Association or a State or county home -school association or

Here's some links with more information to do your own research and make up your own mind.

Ann Zeise has a good round up of links and articles about the old bill presented in 2003.

From Home Education Magazine's Larry and Susan Kaseman:

Convincing Others We Don't Want Homeschooling Legislation and
Say No To The Federal Homeschool Legislation

From Virginia, some information regarding the old bill from VAHomeschoolers.

We'll keep revisiting this one. It's a stinker.

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