Saturday, August 06, 2005

What a Silly

and Odd Commentary regarding how
Educators must know who is to be educated

You'd hardly want to give this space, but then again, the Pahrump Valley Times did and what's wrong with them? [Far be it from me to comment on an area's name considering my home town, but Pahrump makes me think of something from Frank Baum's books. That's a compliment actually, but this editorial doesn't deserve it.]
A couple of comments of Mr. Anzalone:
Not everyone is an educator. But, there are some parents who could benefit from
a few courses in some kind of institution of higher learning. Even better, take
some course work in conjunction with what their children are learning, thereby
being of some assistance to their family. But, I do take issues with home
schooling. Unless the parents are very well educated, the children have fools
for teachers. Also, parents tend to be less tolerant than teachers.
and below is his opinion of the non-Marion the Librarian types:
Today, our esteemed President really believes that he knows all about education,maybe because his wife is/ was a librarian. To try to clear up some misconceptions, librarians make some of the worst teachers I've ever known. The classroom is not their environment. Marion the librarian they aren't. They are basically disciplinarians and book lovers. And good ones are so much in need.But educators they are not. Like eye doctors, who have no relationship to reading, it's the specialists who are concerned with how a child deciphers the scratch marks called letters and the groups of letters called words and the groups of words called phrases and sentences, etc.I don't mean to denigrate any special professions like the eye doctors or librarians. Probably the biggest problem today is that teachers are victims of their own makings.
The head librarian of our favorite library is an author and a book lover and a storyteller and a wonderful teacher. Too bad he's had such bad experiences with librarians somewhere, somehow. I think he's dead serious. How Odd.

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