Monday, June 13, 2005

Couple More Messages to Send (the Guv and his staff)

This is from Ken Kramer who has done wonders in Florida regarding the TeenScreen public school problems. Below he states the Illinois problem clearly and part of the solution is at the bottom via the guv’s and his social services’ staff email addie. Please let them know that this Plan is invasive and harmful for Illinois’ children. Let your Representatives know too. Thanks!
Subject: Illinois Needs Our Help

The below came from friends in Illinois who need our help.

Illinois is only days away from becoming the first state to implement the President's New Freedom Commission recommendations on children's mental health.

Illinois passed the Children's Mental Health Act of 2003, which created the Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership.

The Partnership is submitting a "strategic plan" to the governor's office, the final plan is due on his desk June 30. In 2004 the Illinois legislature recommended TeenScreen specifically in a house resolution.

This plan includes mental health screening, treatment and intervention for all pregnant women, and all Illinois children reaching into young adulthood. This Partnership answers ONLY to Governor Rod Blagojevich. The Partnership has posted the final plan for public comment, however, they are only accepting comments until June 17. Comments to the Partnershiip will fall on deaf ears. They don't care about opposition.

Only the Governor's office has the power to pull the plug on this plan. If successful, Illinois will set a precedent for other states to follow NFC recommendations using state laws.

The Governor alone can stop this.

Please let the Illinois Governor and his chief of staff hear what you have to say:

Governor Rod Blagojevich

Deputy Chief of Staff-Social Services - Louanner Peters

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