Friday, June 10, 2005

Bureaucrats Having Trouble Keeping their Bureaucracy Straight

Here's a South Dakota article about a homeschooled graduate not being admitted to a tech. program while another was. What is a good reason for the non-admittance other than some busybody bureaucratic issue or just saying no to the non-conventional? Unfortunate. Glad it got some coverage.
A Valley Springs teen who was home-schooled is being rejected for admission in a program at Southeast Technical Institute because the school requires a high school diploma.

Based on his ACT score, Jordan Scott probably would be accepted at several colleges or universities in South Dakota.

And from the Authority Figure at DOE
"They can't issue a high school diploma. It's not a high school," said Michele Bennett, a lawyer with the state department of education. "The only ones that can be called schools under our state law are accredited public or private schools."

Hmmm...I've found that DOE lawyers often interpret the law in their own special way, but I don't know a thing about South Dakota.
He knows other students at Southeast who were home-schooled and didn't have to get a GED for admission.

A friend, Kurt Shrader, was accepted and graduated this spring with a business administration degree.

Southeast hasn't changed its policies in the last few years, Noldner said. It's possible, he said, that Shrader was mistakenly admitted to Southeast Tech contrary to policy.

Too bad they don't "mistakenly admit" Mr. Scott "contrary to policy" so they could get a successful graduate in Business Administration like Mr. Shrader. Pretty silly.

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