Monday, June 13, 2005

HB 181-A Smart Federal Bill Finally

The lawsuit that Kara noted filed in IN will have my attention in how it will play out in the courts. TeenScreen is horrid and there should be a lawsuit for this. It had the same fuzzy shades of the Medicating Aliah in TX problem related in Mother Jones. (Obsessive-compulsive disorder and social anxiety disorder wouldn’t be a diagnosis to research for a homework plan, you would think.)

But my bigger question regarding this lawsuit and the end result would be the times that the public schools do this for so many issues w/o parental notification. Should be interesting and I’m cheering the family on hoping it stops a lot of this dead in its tracks.
Plus public schoolers leaving the ‘system’ to homeschool could find an easier road. I totally understand the cautions that this shouldn't be a specific homeschooling issue. But as a parental rights issue, boy oh boy, homeschoolers should be fighting this just like compulsory attendence age changes. For exiting public schoolers sake' as well as the 0-18 years of age across-the-board inclusion for mental health screening. Primary care providers (pediatricians, ob/gyns) and pre-schools (private and public) are included in the training for mental health screening per the Illinois Childrens Mental Health Act/Plan, so homeschoolers beware.

There is a federal bill out right now that would dry up the federal monies for this mental health stuff. The Illinois language matches the federal so they and other states can get their hands on the money.
Here's a link to send a message(petition) to Representatives Hastert and DeLay to get rolling on this bill. Please contact your reps and ask them to get on board as co-sponsors. Representatives Hyde and Manzullo are the only ones from Illinois right now.

This bill prohibits the use of federal funds for any universal or mandatory mental-health screening programs. And as I saw in the Fee-For-Service Initiatives Committee meeting, the local and regional organizations and Illinois Departments are falling over themselves trying to get the money.
This provides more information and background about this bill. Read up folks! It's important.

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