Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Little Competition...

Periodically, I like to review all the French content we've completed in Rosetta Stone. Especially after we've had a bit of a break. After a few years, the same lessons are getting a bit tedious. So this time around I told my daughter I would race her. We have to keep the grades above 90% and we are racing to see who can get the farthest the fastest. Mind you, she's made it much farther in Rosetta Stone than I have. I'm hoping to remain a contender into Unit Four of French One. We'll see what happens. I've already hit the point where I am telling people to be quiet, I need to concentrate.

Has anyone found an especially effective foreign language program? So far we've had the best luck with Rosetta Stone. We've done some Power Glide, but tend to do really well on the Junior level and then flake out in the Ultimate Adventure. We've been trying for years to get the Latin going without success. I'm wondering if I should just cough up the $209 for the Rosetta Stone Latin. I think the important part of Latin is the grammar and Rosetta Stone will not help with that to the degree that we need that kind of help. We have Prima Latina and Latina Christiana and just can't quite keep up the momentum. I'm starting the Prima Latina again tomorrow and we'll see what happens.

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