Wednesday, September 21, 2005

State Control Over Private Home-school

On HEM-Newscomm, it's asked if we're Seeing a pattern in bureaucratic oversight of homeschooling?

I say absolutely! And what I've seen here in Illinois (and elsewhere) isn't so much of homeschooling but of the more back door attempts at parental controls.

What I see is a lot of data tracking, partnering with other governmental agencies and the use of databases.

10-digit identification numbers to every child in Alaska, including private home-school children. was pushed in Alaska by legislators. And why?
Information about the child’s educational process would have then been reported to the Legislature each year.

The Department of Education and Early Development was slated to administer this tracking system in conjunction with the Department of Health and Social Services.
Department of Health and Social Services? What does that have to do with education? I notice this is also via a Dept of Early Development in tracking. (Check out the sidebars to the right about Universal Preschool.) And I notice that despite the Alaska bill being defeated, it will come up again during the next legislative session.It's pervasive. And the attitude is along the same lines as an IL legislator who refused to listen to Illinois taxpayers who said they didn't want the compulsory attendence age lowered. It wasn't low enough for him and that is what really mattered.

Dutch to Create Cradle-To-Grave Database sounds so oppressive, doesn't it? That's just Europe, one might say? So what's the diff between Netherlands and Illinois and other states and let's not forget the feds. Not much in this case, except the Dutch are blatant about it and US bureaucrats say one thing and do another.
The Dutch government will begin tracking every citizen from cradle to grave in a single database, opening a personal electronic dossier for every child at birth with health and family data, and eventually adding school and police records.

Now each child will get a Citizens Service Number, making it easier to keep track of children with problems even when their families move.
I'd say there is definitely a trend and News and Commentary is on to something.

Homeschool Legislation Watch
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