Monday, September 19, 2005

Home Ed Mag Commentary on HR 3753/S1691

An analysis of the Home School Non Discrimination Act is up on the HEM-News and Commentary.

Besides other excellent issues regarding this bill, this point seemed crucial in 2003 and is still the same problem in 2005. That was my comment on Spunky's blog about these bills.
If this was being pushed for the homeschoolers' 'good', why weren't there requests for feedback from all of the homeschoolers in each state before approaching our legislators with an OMNIBUS bill clear back in 2003 and again now? Every state is different and all of this language will affect each state differently.
In Home Education Magazine's analysis
In 2003 a similar bill was unilaterally introduced into Congress, just as was the current version, without discussion among homeschoolers. Many homeschooling organizations worked to keep the bill from being passed into law.
And here we go again. Time better spent with our families but tracking this instead. We don't get paid to be busybodies in legislation.

Homeschool Legislation Watch
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