Monday, September 19, 2005

PJ Star Article about Homesteaders

Family friend Dawndra Cameron, executive director of Crisis Pregnancy Center in Canton, said she has "never seen kids who work so hard" and described the Howerters as a "very, very close" family.
It isn't unusual to see 7-year-old Sam keep an eye, without complaint, on 2-year-old Matthew while mom is busy and 9-year-old Caleb and Rachel are doing chores.
Yet, for all their work, there's plenty of play. The boys ramp down hills in wagons, speed toy trucks along dirt paths, climb rock piles or swing on ropes. Rachel's favorite activity is riding and tending to her horse, Star.

There's been a few Peoria Journal Star articles I've read in the past that I wasn't crazy about. But I liked this one. It reminded me of my farm girl upbringing 'walking beans', helping my dad out with the livestock, making tunnels and using baling string for trip wire traps in our hayloft, getting in trouble for wading in the creek, avoiding cowpies exploring in the pasture. Good memories and it sounds like this homeschooling family is pretty tight. Glad my kids can do a bit of that too. Droopy diapers and all.

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