Monday, September 19, 2005

Comments on Spunky's Blog

There's a decent discussion starting on Spunky's blog about these federal bills. One comment from a reader made me think of an issue that seems to be a core problem with these bills. And I know that others have said this in a much better way than me. I'll dig those up later. But here was my response below about the statement in the bill about "when it clearly states "The United States Constitution does not allow Federal control of homeschooling."

I would say the federal government will interfere when you have federal Home School legislation mandated. Bills can say whatever they will about their supposed intent, but every single word laid out across 4 different congressional committees right now is what will truly affect us if this is passed.
I don't want my inherent rights (unspecified but still my rights)under the Constitution to educate my children explicitly enumerated, for one.

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