Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Other Illinois Towns With Daytime Curfew

Where to Go and Where NOT to Go
More from the Rockford Register Star
Other Illinois communities have tried the law, but it has not always worked
The survey said:
A survey by the U.S. Conference of Mayors in 1995 determined that seven Illinois cities had daytime curfews: Bolingbrook, Elk Grove, Lansing, Lombard, Park Ridge, Pekin and Waukegan. The study hasn't been updated.
and more from the article:
Waukegan operates a teen court, where students sit on juries that dole out punishments for curfew offenders. The effort hasn't kept Waukegan from leading the state in chronic truancy.
Waukegan also fines kids from $75 to $500. Obviously that's been a very useful policy for ummm...The City; who collects $75-$500 from the kids. Rockford plans on replicating that useful policy.

Peoria adopted a daytime curfew in 1998, but school officials there say the ordinance has gone largely unenforced.

And they will have a media campaign paid for with $4,000 in federal grant money (cha-ching). Peoria wants adults to report anyone suspicious out there. Too darn bad. Peoria has a decent museum there
"We are really working together with our Police Department for the first time to enforce this," said Cindy Fisher, a Peoria School District administrator.
Peoria's truancy rate is 5.1%. They charge $50 for truancy. So Peoria made $50 times 46 (the number apprehended last year) as opposed to the measly 10 in '03-'04.

Do Your Job, Peoria School District

And here's the Elgin story from the RRS:
Elgin doesn't have a daytime curfew, but police and educators regret the loss of a federal grant that paid patrol officers to work from 7 to 10 a.m. on a special truancy detail.
"They would just literally scour the countryside and follow up on the absentee children," Elgin police Sgt. Joanne Demmin said.
"It wasn't unusual to round up five or six kids in a day. Generally, these kids aren't too clever. You see them walking along with a backpack at 9 or 10 in the morning. Gee, you think that might be a truant? It's like a Jeff Foxworthy joke."
Charming commentary on kids.

Interesting 1997 Cato Institute article How Big Brother Began

The premise of the law is that all citizens may be treated as suspects.

ending with
Imagine a state in which you must register your name and address with the authorities, just so they can find you in case you break the law. In an age when bills vaunting protections for privacy abound, and when surveys of consumers rank privacy as a top concern, could that happen here? It is already happening. When we rely on the federal government to solve our problems, we invite it to intrude upon our privacy. We are asking Big Brother to come in and make himself at home

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