Monday, July 18, 2005

Homeschool Intern Opportunity

I followed Fran around in Springfield one day last spring lobbying against Kwame Raoul's lowering of compulsory attendance age bill. She has a lot of energy and she has a lot of contacts. I hope teens take advantage of this hands on and invaluable opportunity because my experience was very informational. (She offered an open invitation to anyone to lobby with her that day which was very generous. Trying to catch a legislator's ear while very politely answering questions from fascinated me was something she did very well.)

Knowing the home schooling movement in Illinois as I have known for years, there are tremendously talented and bright home schooled high school level
students in the midst. The pool of talent and potential leadership has
simply not been tapped into yet.

As you know, I am a big proponent of apprenticeships-- our two home-schooled sons apprenticed during their late high school years with a man who provided basic tools in computer training, and now each of our sons are providing well for their own growing families. Apprenticeship is a viable route for young people to take.

This year, I was pleased to have a high school age home schooler accompany me each week to the Capitol in my lobbying efforts, and she learned a lot while working side-by-side with me. I know that internships work.

There are several profamily/prolife statewide groups with which I work who are in need of help, and a simple apprenticeship/internship partnership between home-taught high schoolers (or college agers, as well) would make perfect sense -- both to the benefit of these groups' work and to the students, as well.

If you could assist me in getting out the word to the homeschooling circles in Illinois about the possibility of connecting home schoolers who may be interested in public policy for a vocation, we all would be very grateful.
This will take some coordinating, but in a day and age of internet and computers, much of the work could be done from the students' homes, on their own schedules.

The best way to reach me is via email. Please publish my email address of and encourage parents who may be interested in such a program to contact me at their convenience. I'm excited about this possibility -- for our profamily work in Illinois and for the students themselves.

Thanks so much,

Fran Eaton

Below, I've listed my affiliations for the reference of those considering this offer:

Current lobbyist for Concerned Women for America, Illinois Family Institute, Eagle Forum of Illinois and Family Taxpayers Foundation Current Advisory Board member for United Republican Fund Managing Editor for, 2002-2004 Immediate Past State President of Eagle Forum of Illinois, 1999-2002 Communications Director for Christian Home Educators Coalition, 1991-1998 Home schooling mom from 1985-1999, when our youngest graduated from high school

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