Friday, July 15, 2005

TeenScreen and IL House Resolution

Forgot about this. Kinda pertinent. From a 2004 IL House Resolution
Here's the heads up to anyone believing mental health screening proponents and their vehement denials that they not pushing for mandatory mental health screening. Btw, I just don't see 20% of children as mentally ill, but rather growing and maturing in their own way. Might not be standardized, but it's human and one might say, natural and wonderful.
ICMHP Director Barbara Shaw said. "We have no intention of setting up a mandatory system of screening. We just want the 20 percent of children who need mental health care to get what they need."
The Resolution:
That we recommend that every young person should be screened once during childhood or adolescence to identify mental illness and prevent suicide;

Evelyn Pringle wrote another great piece and a kick in the pants reminder about this:
In May 2004, Illinois lawmakers passed a resolution approving the implementation of TeenScreen in public schools, which said in part: (1) 'Columbia TeenScreen Program', has been proven successful, offers technical assistance for implementation of a screening program, and provides all the components for such a program at no charge at this time; (2) that we recognize that mental illness and suicide among young people are public health crisis in this State and that all residents of Illinois should make the identification of mental disorders and the prevention of suicide among the young people a public health priority; (3) that every young person should be screened ... to identify mental illness and prevent suicide; and (4) That such a screening and identification process should employ sound, evidence-based tools.

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