Saturday, July 16, 2005

Well-Meaning Amateurs:NEA's non-pat on the head

Home Schools Run By Well-Meaning Amateurs
Schools With Good Teachers Are Best-Suited to Shape Young Minds
By Dave Arnold-(a member of the Illinois Education Association, is head custodian at Brownstown Elementary School in Southern Illinois.) He says
There's nothing like having the right person with the right experience, skills and tools to accomplish a specific task. Certain jobs are best left to the pros, such as, formal education.
I dunno. Following that logic, why are the bus drivers, custodians, secretaries, teacher's aides and cooks in the National Education Association or the American Federation of Teachers Unions now??
Several organizations have popped up on the Web to serve these wannabe teachers.
Where's he been? Homeschoolers and homeschool organizations have been on the 'net for a long time. I don't mind. Too bad he does. It's better than some in his union (the pros) who still won't approach a computer because it's too intimidating.
Don’t most parents have a tough enough job teaching their children social, disciplinary and behavioral skills? They would be wise to help their children and themselves by leaving the responsibility of teaching math, science, art, writing, history, geography and other subjects to those who are knowledgeable, trained and motivated to do the best job possible.
Ouch and no kiddin'! It's admittedly more and more difficult teaching our kids in IL social, disciplinary and behavioral skills with our Learning Standards. But what were you saying about math, science, art, geography and other learning matters, Mr. Arnold? Oh, yeah, that's what we do at home, ya know.
The views expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NEA or its affiliates.
Oh piffle. His views are exactly what NEA is about.

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