Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mental Health-Rhonda Robinson is ON it

In the Link, her column Across the Fence/Against the Tide She leads with
Who owns the children? Okay, I realize "owns" sounds a little on the harsh side because we are not speaking of property here. But ultimately, the question remains . . . who do they belong to? Are they our children? Or are they the state’s most vital resource?
Although homeschooling families come in all shades and sizes, and we run the gamut in teaching styles, economics and ethnicity; we all have one common denominator: The fundamental belief in the autonomy of parents. We believe it is our right, coupled with our high duty, to direct the education of our own children.
And yet, ever so quietly, state intervention on "behalf of the child" has become commonplace. Without realizing it, parents are losing small pieces of autonomy, which threaten our homeschooling freedom.
She notes Representative Paul addressing the picking away at our freedoms here
Anyone who understands bureaucracies knows they assume more and more power incrementally… A few scattered state programs over time will be replaced by a federal program implemented in a few select cities. Once the limited federal program is accepted, it will be expanded nationwide. Once in place throughout the country, the screening program will become mandatory.
Just pull out that one adjective: voluntary in any legislative language and you suddenly have mandatory through default. It's in place and if not already set in motion; the intention is mandatory. She goes on to talk about the governmental partnering with parents.
A. Partner with parents. Priority recommendations: Develop a mental health system for all children ages 0-18 years that respects, supports and treats families and caregivers as partners."

That is their goal. To be on equal footing with parents. What government agency do you want as partner in parenting?
None. That's one reason we homeschool. I refuse to partner with a bureaucracy in parenting precious, complex and wonderful children. It's a sad mentality our society seems to embrace. And it's been so destructive to so many children and families.What she states below is so true and I wish homeschoolers would pay attention to this.
No state agency, no matter how "comprehensive" it is, can cure society’s ills. Nor can homeschoolers afford to turn a blind eye to the perils of the nation’s children. If we do, we will surrender our parental autonomy by default.
Rally up, homeschoolers. For our society's sake and no kidding, for homeschoolers' sake.

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