Sunday, July 17, 2005

Satellite Watching And Satellite Views Need Water?

Hmm... experimenting here. Uh, since I can't seem to get the credit on the image, I'll just say that the MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC needs to get all the credit for these pictures of IL, KY and IN. Now take a look and guess which flooded river is what. We'll turn this into a guessing game since I can't get the blasted print up either. I will become a competent blogger, I will become..You get extra points if you're not from IL. (Except I guess I forgot that this one particular river WAS in IL. )
This flooding might be hard to remember now since January when this picture was taken? We got more rain here in central IL thanks to Hurricane Dennis. Needed it badly and it was in bits and pieces across the area. We love watching the rainfall line start and stop across the soybean fields. You always know when it's time to run.

And did you know that you can spot satellites, including the Space Station? Just plug in your town, and enter the coordinates here. Very cool! We're off to look for Virgo this time. No luck last night, but maybe it'll make sense tonight since the bright star Spica is an arm (or a leg? I dunno) of the constellation.

High sign for Nanette tonight

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