Monday, November 07, 2005

Get This Right

Homeschooling has nothing to do with public school at home. And I'm wondering if this is intentional.

This is the second time and the second state and the second journalist in a week who seem to have a very limited vocabulary in explaining alternative public education.

As if homeschoolers don't have enough problems with the mixing up of public school at home and homeschooling. (Take a look at the NHEN forums to see a prime example of that.)

Here's what was in the articles.

Article one is a CT. article. (This one scared me to death with what they had in store for the "home schooled" until I checked with a very reliable CT source who said it's all about public school:

Recognizing that the transition from being sick or being home schooled is difficult for some students, North Haven will purchase two classrooms for the seven high school students currently enrolled in the program.
The students have a special education teacher who works closely with all the students, and then social workers and psychologists are also brought in to work with the students. Currently there are five girls and two boys, all at the high school level.
The building is being built offsite and then brought here. It will have two classrooms and with office space for testing and private matters.
“The students have been very optimistic and patient about the new building. It must be hard for them to be in this building with us,” Querfeld said. “We're hoping to have it by January.”

Article two is about a Wisconsin boy who got out of the classroom and wonder of wonders, did well. But he was NOT HOMESCHOOLED:
Jeremy began being home schooled through the James Madison High School program. Taking away the anxiety he felt in the traditional classroom environment was just what he needed to succeed academically. His grades improved to the 94 percentile and he found a summer job he loved, which also helped bolster his self-image and his confidence.

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