Friday, October 21, 2005

A bit of a Surprise

In reading up on News and Commentary and the piece about HSLDA having a link on the go army site, I was a bit startled reading the comments.

Who'd have guessed that one of HSLDA's representatives is an anti-war hippy. Maybe HSLDA had a booth set up at the Washington Anti-War Rally a few weeks ago [tongue in cheek]? I picked this particular anti-war site because of the picture of the signs. It seemed appropriate if one only changed the word to homeschools from schools. I'm going to have to keep reading because it's a puzzle putting these pieces together of Section 10 of HSLDA's proposed HR 3753/ S 1691 and HSLDA's (or some? of HLSDA) involvement with the military. Irregardless, I have yet to see an answer as to why the HSLDA link is on a goarmy site.

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