Friday, October 14, 2005

HEM NewsCom on the Presumed Decider

Excellent questions raised about who should decide and who does decide what is best for our children.
I think this is the core of Ms. Steine’s objection. In this case either we see children through the lens of the state, or through the lens of the family. This is not just a homeschooling issue, but an issue for all American families, including the children of the officials elected, appointed, or hired to serve us (not to oversee us, but to serve us, as in ‘public servant’). In the ordinary course of events, who should be the arbiter in deciding what is best for children: parents or government employees?
Worth a good look. This was all related to testing issues in Alaska; a state with very minimal regs for homeschoolers.

It's that Partner thang with governmental agencies that has a very Camzotz-ish edge.

Homeschool Legislation Watch
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