Saturday, October 15, 2005

Girls Love Dolls

That's what I thought the American Girl craze was among homeschoolers.

"American Girl has won the trust of millions of conservative families,"Sharp said. "It's very popular among the home school movement because of the values the company followed."

I hadn't really thought about the values part of it. As related in the books, the dolls weren't getting pregnant via pre-marital hanky panky or STD's or such, for sure. That's a good thing. But we weren't buying American Girl stuff because of the company's values?!? Who could generally figure that out in this day and age?

What we got out of the sets of books were historical references from a girl's perspective along with the dolls, clothes and other accessories that lots of girls love to play with. I dunno about all the rest, but some of these groups sure do have their name plastered all over the homeschool news.

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