Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dyslexia — A Beautiful Difference

It doesn't seem unusual that homeschool news continually has news about kids and young adults who were given choices in public school that didn't work for them.

I'm glad there aren't reliable surveys to be found on this subject (with privacy issues and all). But I'd wager a guess that most homeschoolers tried the brick and mortar public schools before they realized that homeschooling worked for them. I wish we'd figured it out before our older kids were schooled.

This story is about the first Miss International Sarah Wall, from Minnesota who received the induction in Chicago in July.

Her story began when she was 5 years old, she said. After failing
kindergarten, teachers gave her parents two options for her: repeat or be placed
in a special education class.

Her parents chose a third option.

Wall was homeschooled until she entered college — eventually graduating with a degree in apparel design and manufacturing. She said the reasons for her success were early identification, a very supportive mother and a positive outlook on dyslexia.

My hope is the homeschooling community (actually all families) reject the tightening web of oversight demands; front door and back door. I hope that parents are always be able to take their children out of educational environments that don't work for them and homeschool.

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