Sunday, July 10, 2005

Beautiful Night Sky

The husband and I were walking down our road last night about 10'ish as it was an absolutely beautiful night. We've been taking night hikes with the kids the last couple of weeks as the nights have been cool. Our road is maintained through township monies but since our house is the only one on the mile long stretch, we have the luxury of calling it our road. Occasional teens have a roadside bathroom break or a little party. I always say a little prayer for bored teenagers on the weekend. And neighbors take shortcuts as our other interference on 'our road'.
The stars and the planets kept showing up as the night came on. We've rarely been able to figure out how some of these constellations could become the figures as ancient times people perceived them. Big and Little Dipper I get, although I couldn't find the little dipper last night for some reason. (Could be that I didn't have my glasses on.) But Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the Horned Goat....I dunno, we just weren't capturing that picture. My partner in viewing thinks that folks back then had a lot of time w/o screen distractions plus their imagination and saw whatever they wanted to see. Works for me.

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