Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Homeschooler's Charity Effort

Love these stories and there's a lot of them with homeschoolers.

Connor Henderson, a 14-year-old who has been
home-schooled since he was 8, knows the value of a good home.

That's why, after reading an article about National Youth Service Weekend
five years ago, he started Kids Care, a drive to help local homeless children.
The first year, he estimates, he raised about $200 worth of items, with some
help from his sisters and mother.

"I thought I was going to do a very small drive," Connor said. "The first
time it didn't even occur to me to have a name."

Today Kids Care has ballooned to include more than 600 children, from 3 to
17, collecting for the drive across Connecticut. Last year it was estimated that
the drive raised $10,000 in items for local children, said Ann Walsh Henderson,
Connor's mother. This year the amount was estimated at $15,000.

"It's definitely a good feeling," Connor said. "It really shows that ...
something small can make a big difference."

Great efforts! Like to see this more direct approach helping people out. In my experience, it's much more efficient than a bureaucrat.

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