Saturday, July 09, 2005

Resources Regarding Mental Health Screening

I responded on the blog Ramblings, Rants & Remedies regarding the Mental Health Daze post. Thought I'd post some of my links and resources for information regarding this issue.

Natalie had listed Dr. Dennis Cuddy's News with Views piece and below are a few more. They all have a slant, of course, but I think they're solid references and at least they direct people to the primary proble...I mean governmental or legislative documentation. You can do a search on this blog, because we've posted many a link regarding the mental health issue, for sure.


Ken Kramer's PsychSearch Regarding TeenScreen

Illinois Leader

NHELD's Mental Health Assessment Bulletin #37

Larry and Susan Kaseman's Home Education Magazine Column:
Increased Mental Health Screening? Are You Crazy!?!

I have a few more and will add them on as I think of them.

Below is The Bad News (primary sources) regarding our government's mental state

Illinois Children's Mental Health

Conclusions from the 1999 Mental Health: A Report from the Surgeon General

President's New Freedom
Commission on Mental Health Report

Illinois Social/Emotional Learning Standards

Still thinking....know there's more.

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