Monday, June 20, 2005

A Pretty Bird

Hooray! I'm so happy. I was looking out our front window and saw that the goldfinches are still here. Hanging around our holly bush. We were afraid they were just passing through last month. It looks like they nest in late June and early July, so we're going to keep them well fed so they'll wanna stay.

Kelly and I watched a goldfinch hang on the end of a dandelion stem eating the seeds when we first spotted them last month. Right next to it was an Indigo Bunting. I've seen the Buntings pass through in the spring by our creek for years but was thrilled to see so many different colors right next to each other. (We have an overabundance of house sparrows and starlings so we love variety.)

And Kara, I've figured out how to take the picture on the digital. I will conquer being able to view it in my next unschooling lesson of the digital camera. (I could just read the directions, I guess.)

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