Saturday, May 21, 2005

What a World

Back to our regularly scheduled program. Ummm...sort of, this makes me feel kind of dirty even posting it, but it got my attention.

Letourneau, whose notorious seduction of 12-year-old boy led to more than seven years in prison, has married the former student she was convicted of raping

Notorious seduction?? Say what? Would a 12 year old girl be notoriously seduced by a teacher? I vaguely remembered some studies about boys and school and gender stereotypes, so let's see what I find here. Now linked above based on a '94? US News and World Report that I can't find.

And Laura Bush has a piece of this too. But the boy issue is not highlighted on her site, but instead it's a Making a Difference for America's Youth. The solving the boy problem mission is noted by NPR.

And Yikes! I see the word Initiative for the husband and Mrs. Bush. And looking for the New Freedom Initiative, I'm wondering why that is under the Homeland Security Focus?? I dunno.

The WikiEd relates the issue as a problem for girls and the classroom. Guess you could always homeschool them and just have a vague remembrance of it being pointed out somewhere as an issue.

I wandered off there a bit. Guess I didn't want to spend too much time on the rape of a student by his teacher and the ensuing results.

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