Saturday, May 28, 2005

Researchers Say Socialization No Longer an ''Issue'' wasn't an issue but a stereotype based on 'public education' being way too reliant on socialization factors rather than learning. (Do read John Gatto's book.) My observation seems too true when you're in a State that has the horridly ridiculous or ridiculously horrid Social/Emotional Learning Standards.

Anyway I thought this part was interesting.
McDowell, who received a doctoral degree in educational leadership from Vanderbilt University and has published numerous articles on homeschooling, researched 24 studies on the socialization of homeschoolers.

"It’s a non-issue today," she said. "All the research shows children are doing well."

When McDowell went to publish one of her stories on homeschooling, her publisher required her to find someone who could argue, based on research, that homeschoolers were less-socialized than traditionally schooled students.

To her surprise, she couldn’t find an academic willing to give that perspective. She had to rely on others who presented theories unsupported by research, she said.

and this
Other researchers, such as Larry Shyers, who earned his doctorate in counseling from the University of Florida, support McDowell’s findings. Shyers’ dissertation, "Comparison of Social Adjustment Between Home and Traditionally Schooled Children," won a national award in excellence in research from the Educational Research Information Clearinghouse in 1992.

He set out to prove that homeschooling was not a good idea from a socialization standpoint. He found the reverse to be true.

And homeschooling advocates in many states know the power/control thing already or we wouldn't be dealing with issues such as the voluntary form being required by public school administrators because of this:
Homeschool critics want to have control and power over those taught at home, she said.

and another biggie:
Others worry public schools lose money because the government bases many of its funding formulas on the number of students in classrooms, she said.

But we already knew we were saving taxpayers money.

The NW Regional Education Laboratory figured a couple of things out wondering why should schools attempt to build partnerships with homeschoolers? Note Enrollment & Funding Increases using homeschoolers and the
reassurance to concerned educators that homeschooled students’ needs are truly being met and that they are making adequate educational progress
My family's independent lifestyle is more important than reassuring a 'concerned educator' that most parents really do look out for the best for their kids.

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