Saturday, May 28, 2005

Like This History Lesson

The title Abnormality, Thy Name Is Homeschool
is a bit annoying, but homeschoolers are used to being called abnormal or odd. It's almost a badge of honor in this standardized world.

For most Americans, homeschooling seems rather odd. Why bother with it? We have had public and private schools with us all of our lives, as have our parents before us and their parents before them from time immemorial. Why not stick with what works? The thought would be touching, if it were historically accurate. It isn’t.

The concept of compulsory schools with mass attendance is a radically new idea to Western civilization, no older than industrialization. Indeed, industrialization arguably could not have taken place without the mass school, and therein lies a tale.

Do they teach that in the schools? I remember learning in school that Honest Abe walked a long time to return a book he'd borrowed but I don't think he got a detention for skipping out then. As an adult, I read and read about him in the little Lincoln Land treasure troves we have here. For one, I found out he learned how to be a surveyor and a lawyer on his own with the smarts he had.Maybe they covered that material about him when I was in school and I wasn't paying attention.

It's noted at the bottom of this article that the author, Steve Kellmeyer based his essay in large part on the soon-to-be-released book "Deception: Catholic Education in America" and John Taylor Gatto’s "Underground History of American Education."

More good history lessons there.

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