Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Maybe Preschool is the Problem

Interesting article in the NY Times about this new study of expelled preschoolers.

It's always fascinating to look in the background. Dr. Gilliam was a consultant for a KY Headstart program, for one. He also wrote up this 49 page ditty Effects of Pre-Kindergarten that concludes with a lot of questions about
how best to implement pre-kindergarten and effectively and efficiently implement needs to help guide prekindergarten policy development and inform us of successes-as well as needs.

I thought conclusions were supposed to address the intent of the study which was regarding the Effects of Pre-Kindergarten?

Back to the NYTimes
The study, the first of its kind, did not come to conclude what leads to the expellable behavior. And clearly a well-established list of attributes - poverty, clinical disorders, inconsistent parenting - contribute to the poor behavior.

Did not conclude, but clearly the attributes of poverty, disorders, inconsistent parenting cause these expulsions. What does it all mean? If you're poor, you automatically belong to the Bad Parent Club of expellable behaviored 3 and 4 year olds??? And the same Club membership goes for the numerous classroom (whoops, they said clinical) disorders? I don't know what inconsistent parenting is, but as an imperfect parent, I bet I can join the Club too.

And I suspect the author has no clue that the ridiculous could be a reality when she included this in her ending
Are behavioral flash cards far behind?

She must not have heard about Illinois and our Social/Emotional Learning? Standards.

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