Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ah - hah

I received a google alert that led to the HSLDA website. The heading on the website was "Illinois Homeschool Family Dragged Into Court" and the article went on to describe the incident. The family was the Walters family from Joliet. I searched and could find no mention of the incident anywhere else. Without corroboration I was hesitant to blog about it. It was brought up on Illinois homeschool email groups/yahoo groups and no one really had any information other than what came from HSLDA.

Today I received an email from a yahoo group and someone reported meeting the mother. It was reported in that email that it was a complaint about homeschooling with a non-custodial mother to the school district. The person on the email reported that the incident was not over yet.

If this story is true, than HSLDA left an awful lot out in their little ditty on their website and caused a great deal of angst in the Illinois homeschool community. Of course, I am rooting for the family involved and am sorry they are going through this and hope it is resolved.

If anyone can verify what is going on in Joliet, please let us know. I think many Illinois homeschoolers are anxious to hear what is going on.

Homeschool Legislation Watch
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